Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thai-o-rama Wrap-Up

Here's a wrap-up of all the Pad Thais eaten, Tom Kar Gais slurped, and dumplings dunked. Look to the other participants of the Thai-o-rama to find their (conflicting, I'm sure) opinions of the best of Thai in Portland. After all of those calories, what have we learned?

Best pad thai... Vientiane Thai
I'm sure many will disagree with me, but driving home the point that taste is subjective, opinions varied on which pad thai was the best.

Best curry... Pom's Thai Taste
Overall, I think Pom's is the most consistent traditional Thai restaurant. There were some flops, and it is one of the more expensive Thai restaurants we visited, but it's good. And there's $1 sushi!

Best spring rolls... Pom's or Vientiane
Voted the best because of the use of lots of fresh herbs and big pieces of shrimp.

Best soup... Seng Chai Thai
I didn't eat a lot of soup on this tour, but the bit I had from Uke Mochi at Seng Chai was delicious.

Best atmosphere... Viet Bangkok- Light-up lobster, anyone??

Best overall... Boda
I am so sad I never shared with you the wonderfulness that was my meal at Boda. The food at Boda gave me a glimpse into what authentic Thai food is like. I am still haunted by the “Miang Kum Som-oh,” bite-sizes of pummelo fruit salad on betel leaves with toasted coconut, peanut, lime, ginger, shrimp, and shallots in a flavorful palm sugar dressing. SO GOOD.

Best prices... Chiang Mai Two
As evidenced here, cheap curry.

Best "I never expected to like it"... Siam Orchard
I thought I was headed for some bad Mall-style take out when I headed into this basement eatery. But I was pleasantly surprised!

And how about best salad?? I vote Chaing Mai Two, for their beef salad, although most of the salads I tried were delicious. I found you can't go wrong with a Thai salad!


  1. Perfect, I was telling my BF about your Thai-O-Rama deal..we will be heading to Vientiane Thai

  2. I am in love with Boda too. Been there twice this month and can't wait to go back. The tuna salad is awesome and the ginger mojitos aren't bad either!