Siam Orchid Thai Review

Round 12 of Thai-o-rama! (Can you tell we're dragging this out to avoid Thai food burnout?) One! More! Round! Yes, so real quick, since that's what this place is (and, uh, I forgot to write, and now I have to go to work).

Located in the basement of One City Center (the food court for all the desk jockeys around Monument Square), at first Siam Orchid is hard to find. It's located in the back corner of the food court, past the more popular deli (I guess they sell salads?), and without a distinguishing sign. Upon closer inspection, there's three dry erase boards with their cafe's name and short menu.

Your food takes a minute to prepare after you order it, since it's cooked up fresh, and not sitting in a steam tray. Following the advice of the counter girl, I ordered 'Broccoli' with chicken (from a choice of beef, pork, chicken or tofu), making it Chicken and Broccoli.

After forking over close to $9 for my dish and a bottled water, I took my styrofoam container over to a big table that had not yet been invaded by high school students in pajamas (school spirit week??). My dish was steaming hot and came with carrots, broccoli, onions, and chicken in a thin, brown sauce. The broccoli was crunchy and bright green, and the chicken was not *as* overcooked as some Thai stir-fry chicken can be. The sauce was very flavorful and made me wish I had a spoon to better scoop it up with the loads of accompanying rice.

While the dish I ordered was not particularly 'Thai,' it's a good quick fix for a workday lunch, as well as some great people watching.

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