October 27, 2011

BBF Travels: I Ate New York.

I'll keep it short;  it was hard to experience all the wonderfulness of New York food, knowing that these things were hours away from my home.  I can imagine it's painful only to read about as well.

Smorgasberg, an awesome prepared and packaged food market in Williamsburg by the river.

Radegast Hall after shopping on Bedford Ave. in Williamsburg (and the Bedford Cheese Shop).

Food trucks on every corner, this one Mexicue and their short rib taco.

Momofuku saam bar and milk bar (pork buns and compost cookies, finally!).

DeKalb Market with food stalls and tiny boutiques in converted shipping containers.  And yes, that is a chicken and waffle cupcake.  It rocked.

The sweet Rose Water Restaurant in Park Slope.

All so awesome and yet so far away. Actually, my wallet might be OK with that buffer...