October 20, 2011

Fall Cocktails

As the weather cools off, it's easier to go inside and have a drink, rather than frequent places I'd rather not be, but go to just because there's an outdoor deck. Fall sliding into winter provides an excuse to slow down, cozy up, and catch up with friends over cocktails, rather than shouting over live music.

Here's four places with great cocktails that I'm looking forward to revisiting now that the mercury is falling. Look to Appetite Portland for Dawn's recommendations of comfort food dishes to pair with your cocktails.

50 Local in Kennebunk recently served me The Remedy: Bourbon, lemon, cayenne simple syrup, and a ginger sugared rim. This drink complements the atmosphere of the bar, being both warming and elegant.

Also try the mushroom tagliatelle while you're there. Fresh, fat noodles with a creamy sauce, studded with a variety of mushrooms foraged by the chef is not to be missed.  Reminiscent of a mushroom stroganoff.

The Holier than Thou at Grace: St. Germaine, grapefruit juice, sparkling wine. I die every time I taste St. Germaine.  Its floral, slightly herbal notes always are paired with tart juices, sparkling wines, and infused simple syrups or vodka. And it always works so well.

Local 188's the Beekeeper: Cold River vodka & Honeymaker dry mead, splash of St. Germain is another fantastic combination (although beware the beekeeper- it's drunk making!).

Zapoteca offers tequila in many forms, from straight up to mixed well with fruit juices and liquors to make tart and sweet margaritas. Also not to be missed: the warming tequila caramel bread pudding.

So if you haven't seen much of me lately or finally want to connect, let's grab a cocktail around town sometime soon.  It's our consolation prize for not being able to sail, bike, wear bikinis, swim, and grill out.