Friday, January 14, 2011

Momofuku Compost Cookie Flop

I have been so excited about trying these Compost Cookies from momofuku milk bar ever since the pastry chef, Christina Tosi was on Regis and Kelly and gave out the recipe. But I never made them because the butter and sugar creaming process takes 10 minutes in a stand mixer. I don't even want to think about doing that by hand (well, I mean with a hand mixer). But since the 'rents gave me a KitchenAid mixer for Christmas (thanks again!), I tackled this recipe right away.

...and was horribly disappointed. I expected some transcendent cookie experience. I mean, I added kettle chips, pretzel sticks, Rolos, chocolate chips, and Oreo's for Chrissake! These are like $30 cookies here! But they turned out to be salty chocolate chip cookies that were hard to bake without overcooking. What gives!? Sadly, there was no discernable benefit to adding the potato chips.

There is so. much. discussion about this recipe in the comments of blogs that have made it. But I dutifully read through it all and decided to follow Amateur Gourmet's recipe. Which I gather is the same as the one on Regis and Kelly's website. It was rumored that the cookies could be too salty, so I halved the salt (one tsp. instead of two). But other than that, I followed the AG's recipe, since he has no mention of finicky cookies. He just mixes the dough, freezes it, and bakes up perfeclty crispy, crackly, puffy cookies. If only I were so lucky.

Someone at the end of the comments suggests that you just make the recipe from the back of the Tollhouse bag and add chips, Oreos, etc. At first, I thought, what the hell is the point in that? Now I kind of agree. At least you would get a good cookie. These cookies aren't anything special, in fact, they are diva cookies, since they were a pain in my ass and demanded their own dressing room.

(Just seeing that you were paying attention.)

So I dunno what to tell you. Don't make this recipe? I'm sure others will disagree, since everyone I fed them to liked them. Oh, I know, buy yourself a bus ticket to New York and just eat Christina Tosi's version. Let her work the magic with the mixer, since it's not happening in my kitchen.


  1. They look delicious, but 10 minutes creaming? I mean, whoa. Also, that is a hell of a lot of ingredients. Basically my snack budget for a month.


  2. Right? I guess it's easier if you have that stuff in your house already, but I had to go buy it all at once- I felt ashamed checking out at the Hannaford. :)

  3. Best cookies I've had in a while, so I say they're worth the effort. Maybe it's just because I find some odd enjoyment in eating a cookie with a potato chip in it.

  4. I've been wanting to try them for a long time. Hmm, now I can't decide if I want to try them more or less! I hate disappointing recipes. Boo! =(

  5. see...potato chips in cookies is wrong... But, i'm sorry they flopped because you were very excited to try out the recipe...

  6. I hate a flop, especially an expensive one.

    10 minutes creaming doesn't seem that bad to me, since Martha cookie recipes normally call for 4-5 minutes.

  7. Very interesting recipe Kate, lol!

    I'm going to take your thoughtful, kind advice and skip it too ;).....
    I just posted a recipe for Outrageous Oatmeal Cookies
    Give em' try and see what you think.


  8. In the future, you should always post a picture of the featured result with a :( superimposed over it. (That is, when it's a FAIL) My favorite part.

  9. There's so much hype over this cookie that it was just bound to be disappointing. I made it awhile ago and I liked it mostly because I like having so much stuff in my cookie.
    My latest is a pretty awesome cookie and much, much easier. You could even throw in a few crushed up potato chips!

  10. We did a cookie tasting of Milk Bar-made cookies and found the compost cookies were our least favourite of the six tried. The corn cookies rocked.

    I made (by hand, ouch) the Milk Bar caramelized cornflake / chocolate chip / marshmallow cookies for our "Momofauxku" party a few months back and liked these more than the compost cookies. The cornflakes are like Frosted Flakes on steroids.

  11. boo to bad cookies.

    but :) to your :( in the picture