February 21, 2012

Mardi Gras Recipes

Happy Fat Tuesday, everyone!

While I have never been to New Orleans, and despite my Virginian heritage, don't consider myself an excellent Southern cook, I really get into Mardi Gras. This is really for no other reason than that I need something to brighten up the month of February, I look forward to making some jambalaya tonight and celebrating (what, exactly?) with my friends.

If you need some recipe inspiration, check out Emril's gumbo, Bittman's Cheddar Biscuits (perfect with sausage gravy or alongside Shrimp and Grits), and King Cake Cupcakes.

Not looking to feast at home? Check out Po'Boys and Pickles for some excellent Creole food, and they're sure to have a celebration in the restaurant tonight.