January 13, 2010

Lunch at Po'Boys & Pickles

This sign might just sum up why I liked this place: 1) They called me y'all, 2) They have po'boys and pickles, 3) They have a liquor license. What more do you need?

In case you need further proof as to why Po'Boys & Pickles, one of Portland's newest eateries, is worth visiting, see my fried shrimp po'boy here.

What you can't see is that I opted to add praline bacon to my po'boy. Mmm, salty, sugary, fatty goodness. I can't say if this measures up to authentic po'boys or not, since I'd never had one before, but regardless, it was damn good. Nice crispy, sweet shrimp, a soft-ish roll (but not too soft!), and some tasty tartar sauce. A sprinkle of salt and some hot sauce, and we were in business (my tastebuds and I, that is).

This isn't the cheapest lunch in town though; my regular-sized sandwich seen here was $6.50 and the bacon is an extra $1.50. Then there's the added temptation of warm sticky toffee pudding ($3) or sweet potato fries ($2.50).

I'm looking forward to future po'boys and other New Orleans-themed eats in the next few weeks leading up to Mardi Gras.