May 3, 2010

Biscuits and Gravy

Any even semi-regular reader knows that I am really into brunch foods. I love waking up with grand designs of the perfect hash browns, or Eggs Benedict, or simple blueberry pancakes (all of the above, please?). And after many frequent disappointing brunches in the Portland area, ones that don't quite hit the spot, I might be learning it's best to stay in and hone your brunch skills over your own stove.

So Sunday Biscuits and Gravy it is. I've found Bittman's Cheddar Biscuits to be just what I like, and so I set out to make a great accompanying sausage gravy. Because very few things are better than some hot coffee with salty white gravy piled high on fluffy cheddar biscuits.

While M set to work trying his hand at Bittman's Cheddar Biscuits, I sauteed some Mailhot's Sausage (do any locals know anything about this sausage? The internets reveal very little- just Ray making sausage).

After the sausage was nice and browned, I removed it to a paper towel covered plate and added two tablespoons of flour to the pork fat to make a roux. Once the roux thickened nicely, my little helper poured in two cups of milk while I whisked.

At first, we had our doubts- I've had many a flavorless gravy- but once I stirred the gravy until it thickened and added the sausage back in, a little season of salt and pepper made gravy perfection.

Two good sized biscuits and a healthy serving of gravy was just enough food to make me look forward to a beautiful Sunday afternoon in Portland, rather than feeling like I needed to crawl back into bed. But believe me, I was really glad there was leftovers.