November 12, 2011

Seasons in Maine

I just got back from the Deering Oaks Farmers' Market in Portland, where the stalls are thinning and the crowds are slowing, but there's still plenty of great produce. Brussels sprouts; all manner of squash; heaping piles of kale, chard, and cabbage; wooden crates of apples... even cherry tomatoes and green tomatoes still.

And yet while we're experiencing a mild fall, there's a bite to the wind today, my fingerless gloves aren't cutting it, and my toes are cold in my Chuck Taylors. The signaling of a Maine winter to come is making me feel restless already, pent up, anxious about the winter blahs, and leaving me itching to do something, go somewhere.

Fortunately I'm road tripping it down to Maryland for the holiday in a few weeks, so that small adventure might take the edge off. But I am realizing that for me to survive in Maine, I need to plan a winter beach vacation. Something in March or April to somewhere warm, to see friends I haven't in a while.

Cooking and baking has always offered solace, but this time I'm not feeling it. I'm feeling a little raw, a little vulnerable, and planning meals isn't as comforting as it once was. I think I'll head on over to search for flights...

I'm planning two baking and cooking projects today, so stay tuned for some sweet and salty cookies and some great sides for the upcoming potluck season.