April 1, 2010

Saveur's Chocolate Caramel Tart

After that last complicated but unrewarding Bakers' Challenge, I appreciate this simple and delicious tart I made. I'd seen it go 'round on several food blogs as 'the Saveur tart to make.' Vanilla Garlic even points out that there's an obligatory shot to take. So I did as I was told and made this salted caramel chocolate tart.

Aside from how easy it was to make, the best part about this tart is the salty and caramel combination. I know it's nothing new anymore, but it really is one of my favorite dessert flavors. Caramel can be a bit cloying and too rich on its own, but when you add some gray sea salt, the little salty tang cuts the sweetness perfectly.
Here's my obligatory shot and muchas gracias to Roomie A. for the food styling.

Note: A reader pointed out that there is a rather amusing dust-up over the temperature needed to make caramel in the Saveur recipe comments. Reading this naturally concerned me (the main point is that the temperature the recipe calls for is too high and your sugar will have burnt by then), so I checked out what Vanilla Garlic says about caramel and temperature. And he doesn't mention temp at all, but rather says cook the sugar over medium-high heat until a "medium-dark amber color." I thought that sounded like good common sense, so I did that. And I found that the caramel turned out perfectly, and I didn't have to stress over the temperature.