September 15, 2009

BBF Travels: Nick Tahou's Garbage Plate

Let me introduce you ladies and gentlemen to the Garbage Plate, a Rochester, New York specialty. And let me be clear - this is the original Garbage Plate, from Nick Tahou's. My plate was mac salad, french fries, two cheeseburgers with hot sauce, ketchup, and mustard (the original combo). Plates are also available with hot dogs and homefries. And, of course, it's meant to be consumed late at night, after some heavy drinking.

I'm still wondering how I woke up hungry!

But last weekend I was being a food masochist, because at the Arts & Crafts festival the next day, I jumped at the chance to have fair food. A gyro!

And this was the best gyro I've had (in America). This guy put cubed squash on it, fresh tomatoes, shredded lettuce, sliced onions, and a mix of beef and lamb. Of course, lots of tzatziki. Let me tell you, the car ride back to Maine was a little, um, fragrant.