September 10, 2009

Guest Pizza

This pizza is my favorite pizza! You wanna know why? Because I didn't cook it. My wonderful boyfriend did! After a late night of canning class, I returned home to see the hallway to our apartment filled with smoke. And while most people would be concerned, I simply knew that M. was cookin' up some dinner. (You know, dirty 400 degree ovens tend to be kinda smoky.)

Most of the veggies are local or homegrown (except for those stupid organic peppers from Israel that I bought at Whole Foods. Really, WF? Peppers from Israel? Couldn't find any colored peppers in MAINE?? And I know, I know, buying said peppers isn't exactly discouraging them. But I digress.)

The pizza was good! The pizza was great! As you can see, it's a sauceless pie on homemade Foccacia bread. Thanks, M.!