January 16, 2009

Maine to Maryland Steamed Shrimp

Inspired by the article "Here's the Catch" in the Washington Post about community-supported fisheries in Maine, I went to the store in search of some locally-caught shrimp. I thought they'd be a nice addition to the mushroom risotto I was making for dinner. That idea was quickly shot down by M. To his credit, he suggested we steam the shrimp in Old Bay, a favorite dish of ours from the summer we lived on Maryland's Eastern Shore.

I got a pound of local, raw shrimp for $4! They weren't as big as the jumbo mama's next to them, but you can't beat that price for a pound of shrimp! I made cocktail sauce using fresh horseradish root and my new microplane (yay Christmas present!). The scrimps were steamed for about 5 mins. in the big ole lobster steamin' pot I picked up at Goodwill.

While cooking, I got so excited as I realized this was the perfect Maine to Maryland meal! Local shrimp, supporting our waterways and fisherman (yayy) and Old Bay seasoning, served with memories of sitting at the marina bar, peelin' shrimp and drinking Ice Picks (iced tea and vodka, yum). Perfect memories for a day when its, um 7? outside. Brr, can't wait for summer!