September 9, 2014

Talking Preserving on MPBN and Maine History Book #2

Last week, I was on Maine Public Broadcasting Network's Maine Calling program, discussing preserving with two friends and fellow UMaine Extension Master Food Preservers. The three of us had a great time in the studio (despite that I was very nervous at first, natch) with host Jennifer Rooks. We discussed recommended methods for preserving, what to add to peach jam to make it delightfully spicy, the best recipes for beginners, and Laura's fermented Kosher dill pickles.

Listen to the program:  Canning (and other ways to save your garden's bounty)

And speaking of producing media...I'm writing another book! The History Press, publisher of my first book, Portland Food: the Culinary Capital of Maine, has commissioned me to write an account of the history of alcohol in Maine, due out September 2015. The working title is A Spirited History of Maine, and I'll cover Maine's complicated relationship with alcohol, from the nation's earliest prohibition in 1851 to the revival of craft distilleries and the farm-to-flask movement today.

While the project will be different from Portland Food, in that it will be a more historical account than that of our fairly recently developed food scene, I'm excited to interview Maine distillers, craft cocktail bar owners, bartenders, and historians.

Whiskey barrels at New England Distilling

If you feel you've got something to add, be it an idea, a person to interview, or a resource for me, I'd love to hear from you! Please leave a comment or email me at

Cheers! I'm looking forward to all of the "research" that will go into writing A Spirited History of Maine