November 2, 2012

Eventide Oyster Co. Review

Photo taken this summer 

Everything you've read about Eventide Oyster Co. is true. The raw bar, run by Hugo's owners, is in atmosphere, what Hugo's is not - light, loud, free-wheeling. 

The food is deconstructed, small bites giving way to full flavor when taken together. It makes you think, this is what they're talking about, those glossy magazines that gush over hip new places in cities that you've never visited, places you can't afford. 

But it's happening here. I am hearing this server, in my town, talk to me. I shall order these dishes. 

Smashed in the corner, next to my friend of the cupcakes, who brought me "the best chocolate chip cookies in the world," (they were), as the brewer of the beer I was drinking waved to my boyfriend as he carried an empty keg by, I felt like all was right in my world.

And if it feels like I'm name dropping, I am. This is not my beauitful house. But yet it is. This is my town, this is Maine, this is where these things come together, and it feels sincere.

And you can go too.

Fried Oyster Bun, tartar, pickles $7

Cured Arctic Char, Fried Bagel, Creme Fraiche, Pickled Onion $10

Fried Salted Hake, Chipotle Creme, Fried Tortillas, $10

Uni, pickled rice noodles, horseradish, $10

Eventide Oyster Co. 86 Middle Street, Portland, Maine