May 22, 2012

LFK Preview

LFK is the new bar on Longfellow Square (188A State St) in Portland, and I stopped in Friday night to check out the space. 

Categorized as a bar/library on facebook, LFK is full of wing-backed chairs, bookshelves, and manual typewriters. The ornate props sit in contrast to the rest of the bar, with exposed metal beams and a blue-grey industrial colored paint. 

Above is a neat little detail in the bar - between the rail and the bar there's a tiny space with typewriter keys spelling out some words (maybe a phrase?). 

The bar itself is fully stocked, with a nice draught beer selection; we sampled the Victory Pils and... and I cannot for the life of me remember what I had (it was my first one of the night, I swear!). After the first round, the men in our party switched to Dark and Stormy's, while the ladies had the Charles and Charles Rose. 

We shared a cheese plate, but weren't told what kind of cheeses there were. The one in the middle is a blue Morbier; on the left, some sort of soft cheddar-type; and the right, a harder, aged cheese. The presentation was nice, and the pear and pickled red onions were both nice additions to the cheese variety.

It being the first week the bar was open, and the first busy weekend night, we experienced some long waits for drinks, and a tab snafu (the bar does not use a computer POS system, but handwritten tickets). I will certainly revisit the bar, as it's very close to my house, and has a nice vibe and drink selection.