May 31, 2012

BBF Travels: To The Bidde

The other day I traveled to the "Saco Zoo" (Did you hear that Saco is getting a zoo? Yeah, they're putting a fence around Biddeford) to teach a class on pickling through the Adult Ed. And just like last time, I took the chance to stop and get some out of town treats.

Pizza by Alex - where I got pepperoni and onion. This time I knew not to ask for a "small," since it only comes in one size. Aw, yeah. 

Run of the Mill Brewery, where I filled up my fancy growler with their Summer Wheat Ale. I've yet to break into it, but the weekend is coming. The bar is always bumping in there; I'd love to be able to stick around and enjoy a beer in house some time. 

I saw Rapid Ray's in Saco on the way out of town and thought, oh YEAH, *that's* where I wanted to go!! But Pizza by Alex hit the spot too.