April 3, 2012

Macarons at Mornings In Paris

While ogling the macarons at Pei men Miyake recently, I thought about how I'd never even tried one of the much lauded desserts and that I didn't even know where to find them in Portland. I tried some of Erika's of vin et grub (a delicious lemon curd filled variety) at the Baked! Pop-up sale and was delighted by their crunchy, yet chewy meringue shells and creamy filling. 

So when I stopped into Mornings in Paris on Exchange Street in Portland's Old Port during a ladies-who-lunch shopping trip with friends, I was delighted to find a rainbow variety of macaroons. I went with salted caramel (duh) and pistachio. The pistachio fillings was a little gooey- and why so neon??- but the salted caramel was pretty stellar, as most things salted caramel are.

I couldn't tell what I thought of Mornings in Paris' ambiance- it's a strange little cafe, that on this particular day, was exhibiting some stray (clean) toilet paper outside the restroom, leading to jokes about the dirty streets of Paris.

But regardless, I'm happy to have found a place to continue to explore these bite-sized meringue delights.