July 27, 2011

BBF Travels: Duck Donuts, Outer Banks

Mmm... donuts on vacation, what more could you want?  I'm down in the Outer Banks of North Carolina with my family for a week.  (Much more successful than last year's trip, in which we had to evacuate for a hurricane.)

So we of course have to sample all the local fried dough.  My sister was virtuous and ran to the donut shop; I sat on the porch and drank coffee until it was time to go meet her with the car.

While Duck Donuts has several locations throughout the Outer Banks, we're staying in Duck, so we visited the original shop- a tiny little storefront tucked into a soundside row of shops. 

And you gotta love a place that displays their process proudly (like taffy pulling or popcorn shops).  I particularly enjoyed watching the exuder drop dough into the river of hot oil, as the donuts floated along like rubber ducks in a Blue Danube carnival game.

Duck Donuts has lots of options for flavoring your donuts, which they do to order.  Glazes, sprinkles, coconuts, etc.  But we went with chocolate glaze and cinnamon sugar.  I feel the cinnamon sugar is the true test of a good donut.

These donuts are almost like a potato donut (seems like something they would make in Maine).  They're cake donuts, but they are so moist.  Usually cake donuts are dry and unappealing, but these were pretty awesome.

And, of course, it helps that they were fresh out of the fryer and enjoyed on a porch overlooking the ocean.  Tough life.

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