Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cinnamon Monkey Bread: Rave Review!

After some recent mixed (haha, get it??) baking results (Compost Cookies, boo; banana bread, yay!), I was so happy this yeast bread turned out great. It helps that I carefully followed the recipes, Googled things I wasn't sure about, and took all the necessary steps to make sure my yeast bread rose properly. But in the end, this recipe for Monkey Bread was pretty easy too. Great results, crowd-pleaser, and easy? I'm in.

Monkey bread is a treat that is often made with store bought biscuit dough, but a little extra effort (just a little if you have a stand mixer, I swear!), makes this a whole lot better for you- I don't *know* that, I just assume homemade dough is better for you than a can of Pillsbury biscuit dough- while being just as tasty.

I followed the ever-so-helpful illustrated recipe on King Arthur Flour's website, substiuting a stick of melted butter for the water when it comes to the dipping and rolling in cinnamon and sugar step. A trade off on calories, but well worth it.

And next time, I will cut the dough into smaller pieces. You can see the pieces here are pretty big, while smaller dough balls would make more servings (yessss) and create a higher dough to topping ratio.

And because you all liked it so much last time...

But it did feel a bit like a rip-off of Hyperbole and a Half, so be sure to go check out her blog 'cuz it's awesome.


  1. WANT!

    I had a yeast bread baking fail this weekend (one of many) and therefore WILL NEVER AGAIN BAKE WITH YEAST. So, I will simply have to force someone more skilled than I to make this.


  2. monkey bread is such a treat! I think about it often (Dear Monkey Bread, thinking of you! kisses, jillian...) but never make it...perhaps now I will.

  3. wow that looks so delicious! I just tried the wheat cinnamon rasin bread from Big Sky Bakery and it was amazing!

  4. That looks damn good and I lovvvvveee the smilie.