December 5, 2010

Quick Eats for a Busy Lady

I've never really been all that busy - other than of my own making with things I enjoy (i.e. a job I love or extracurriculars). But when people say they're busy, I get it now, 'cuz I'm busy. And so there hasn't been a lot of home cooked meals 'round these parts.

Jealous. That nap looks so nice. 

But I've eaten out a lot since Thanksgiving, most of it places I know are good (Po'Boys & Pickles and Otto) or places that are cheap and pubby (Gritty's, Rosie's, Ruski's). There has also been Trader Joe's frozen fish and Mandarin Orange Chicken (addictive).

So yeah, not a lot worth sharing; I'm sure y'all can relate. I hope everyone is enjoying their countdown to the holidays, with friends, never-ending to-do lists, and lots of cocktails, chocolate, and cookies. Oh, and soft socks. Be well.