September 27, 2010

Common Ground Fair Eats

The Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association (MOFGA)'s Common Ground Fair was this past weekend, and it was a celebration of all things local, organic, crafty, and, of course, smelly and unshaven. The weather on Saturday was beautiful- a little warm by Maine standards, I'm sure, but a perfect day for watching sheep dog herding demonstrations, buying local, organic Slim Jims, and cooing over dwarf bunnies.

But really I went for the fried food. After all, what's a fair without some fried? Even if it is local and organic, it can still be bad for you! Finest Fried Maine Seafood strikes again. 'Cuz really the best preparation for seafood is to fry it.

And some local Aroostook County fried potatoes to finish the day off. Thanks for another year of great fried food Common Ground Fair! Uh, I mean, for showcasing all the great local food and crafts of Maine. Riiiight.