Saturday, August 7, 2010

Binga's Stadium Review

Ed Note: I tried a different type of wings at Binga's and fell in love.  Check out my latest review to see what changed my mind.

When I first moved to Portland, I heard many people say the best wings in town could be found at Binga's Wingas. But before I could confirm this opinion, Binga's on Congress St. had a fire and shut down permanently. Now I know they have another location in Yarmouth, but I'm inherently lazy. Plus, with all the good wings to try in town, I didn't see the need to schlep to Yarmouth.

Binga's finally partnered with The Stadium to bring their wings back to Portland. So way back when, during the World Cup, I met Roomie A. and C. there to eat lunch, drink beer, and watch the men, I mean game.

The Stadium has a great selection of beers, and I knew from previous happy hours here that they always have great beer specials too. So I usually just ask what's on special and order that. It's like $2 Heinekens or something, but it's cheap and I love throwing caution to the wind and ordering whatever's on special.

There's a lot of TVs, and I mean a LOT. So if you're looking for a place to drink and watch a sports game, this is a front runner. There are even booths that have a TV in them. It's like a living room and bar in one! Dream come true.

However, my love affair with the Stadium ends when I try to order some food. First, good luck getting the bartenders attention (I've only ever sat at the bar, so I can't vouch for table service). They're usually either confused looking (in training?) or apparently too busy to make eye contact. (You know, the old look busy so I don't have to talk to/wait on you trick.)

Between my wings (6 for $6.49, ordered with Hot Buffalo sauce), and both of my roomies' sad, sad falafel wraps, we were not impressed. My wings were all right, but they were breaded, which I feel is unnecessary. The hot sauce was nice and hot, flavorful too- very Franks Red Hot-y- but when I asked for ranch with my wings, the bartender said, 'We only have blanch,' like everyone knows what blanch is. I had to ask, and she explained it's blue cheese and ranch mixed together. *record screech* Wha???

So, TV and beer? Yes. Food? Wings? Hell no. Pass! I bet they can fry french fries all right (not the sweet potato fries- those are breaded and gross), so maybe a plate of fries is as far as I'd go. But after a few beers and the drunk munchies kick in, we'll see how long my no food at the Stadium rule lasts.


  1. I have to confess... I love their blanch dressing... and their "Albany style" sauce. But, I'm biased like that.

  2. Though I haven't tried this place, I second your thoughts on breaded buffalo wings. Gross and unnecessary. I also find the term "blanch" quite unappealing.

  3. You can actually get the wings "naked," so there's no breading on them.

  4. I'd recommend trying the smoked wings, they are better than "traditional" which are breaded. You need to give the fried pickle chips a chance too, just sayin'

  5. I agree that the falafel is absolutely hein. It's definitely from some dry mix.