August 7, 2010

Binga's Stadium Review

Ed Note: I tried a different type of wings at Binga's and fell in love.  Check out my latest review to see what changed my mind.

When I first moved to Portland, I heard many people say the best wings in town could be found at Binga's Wingas. But before I could confirm this opinion, Binga's on Congress St. had a fire and shut down permanently. Now I know they have another location in Yarmouth, but I'm inherently lazy. Plus, with all the good wings to try in town, I didn't see the need to schlep to Yarmouth.

Binga's finally partnered with The Stadium to bring their wings back to Portland. So way back when, during the World Cup, I met Roomie A. and C. there to eat lunch, drink beer, and watch the men, I mean game.

The Stadium has a great selection of beers, and I knew from previous happy hours here that they always have great beer specials too. So I usually just ask what's on special and order that. It's like $2 Heinekens or something, but it's cheap and I love throwing caution to the wind and ordering whatever's on special.

There's a lot of TVs, and I mean a LOT. So if you're looking for a place to drink and watch a sports game, this is a front runner. There are even booths that have a TV in them. It's like a living room and bar in one! Dream come true.

However, my love affair with the Stadium ends when I try to order some food. First, good luck getting the bartenders attention (I've only ever sat at the bar, so I can't vouch for table service). They're usually either confused looking (in training?) or apparently too busy to make eye contact. (You know, the old look busy so I don't have to talk to/wait on you trick.)

Between my wings (6 for $6.49, ordered with Hot Buffalo sauce), and both of my roomies' sad, sad falafel wraps, we were not impressed. My wings were all right, but they were breaded, which I feel is unnecessary. The hot sauce was nice and hot, flavorful too- very Franks Red Hot-y- but when I asked for ranch with my wings, the bartender said, 'We only have blanch,' like everyone knows what blanch is. I had to ask, and she explained it's blue cheese and ranch mixed together. *record screech* Wha???

So, TV and beer? Yes. Food? Wings? Hell no. Pass! I bet they can fry french fries all right (not the sweet potato fries- those are breaded and gross), so maybe a plate of fries is as far as I'd go. But after a few beers and the drunk munchies kick in, we'll see how long my no food at the Stadium rule lasts.