August 27, 2010

BBF Travels: Cape Pier Chowder House

When M. and I heard last weekend's weather was going to be so nice, we decided to road trip it on Saturday. I perused Google Maps for a bit, as well as Hilary Nagle's blog Maine Travel Maven. Hilary writes for the Moon travel guides and has a great website to help those from here and away discover new eats, stays, and activities in the great state of Maine.

We decided to head down to Cape Porpoise, M's old stomping grounds from Living in Maine, Round 1. So we packed a cooler with some wine, and drove down scenic Route 1 out to Cape Porpoise for lunch.

See the tiny lighthouse and a clammer?

After we drove through M's old neighborhood at Goose Rocks Beach (which would make for a totally romantic winter rental), we drove out to Cape Porpoise. There's not too much out at the point- just some restaurants, a lighthouse very far away, and a working dock with lots of workboats moored off of it.

Thanks to Hilary's advice (her favorite lobster shacks), we knew to have lunch at Cape Pier Chowder House. The Chowder House is right next to two other restaurants I want to try- Pier 77 and the Ramp. Pier 77 is the fine-dining version upstairs, while the Ramp is the bar/lounge downstairs with a delicious looking menu and playful decor (lobster buoys and old camp paraphernalia).

The Chowder House has indoor and outdoor seating, the latter being a big deck overlooking the mooring field. And, we were happy to see that they have a selection of wine and beer. After ordering, we took our ordered Shipyard Summers and sat on the deck to await our selection of fried food.

We almost ordered fries, but M. is a sucker for onion rings and when I saw that they were homemade, I hoped they be good. And were they ever. Look at that giant pile of fried! M. remarked over how they weren't greasy in the least.

I ordered a shrimp roll ($7.99) and M. had the fried haddock sandwich. I love shrimp rolls. I recently discovered them when I ordered one in Boothbay Harbor. I was expecting shrimp salad on a Kaiser roll (what you would get in Maryland) and was so happy to get fried Maine shrimp in a split top bun instead. Now I'm kind of obsessed with fried shrimp...

We both thoroughly enjoyed our food- everything was hot, cooked just right, with soft buns and tartar sauce piled high. We did spend $33 for lunch, so not the cheapest option, but that's to be expected when eating seafood in Kennebunkport.

Afterwards, we drove into the Kennebunkport to walk around Dock Square, try some (terrible) wines at a wine tasting, and do some more tourist watching. Have you had any fun road trips I should recreate on one of our upcoming lovely fall weekends?

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