June 14, 2010

Monday Monument Square Market

OK, consider yourself informed. There's a Farmers' Market on Mondays in Monument Square. I thought I was one of the last to know, but I keep running into people who express surprise when I mention the Monday market. (I mean, the Portland Daily Sun, PPH's Natural Foodie, and the Portland Food Map have all written about it). So let's shout it from the rooftops and support our local farmers on Monday morning.

This market is considerably smaller than the Wednesday and Saturday markets, but there are some new faces there. Today I counted eight vendors: Townhouse Farm Creamery, Alewive's Brook Farm, Caldwell Beef, Tulip Bakery, Yoder Heirlooms, Hahn's End, Plainview Farms, and A Good Start Organic Seedlings.

I, of course, bought cheese, cupcakes and strawberries. I got my priorities straight, people.

I haven't yet tried the cupcakes from Tulip Bakery (I'm waiting for my boyfriend—aren't I the nicest girl ever??), but I got a raspberry lemon curd and a chocolate raspberry. The cupcakes are a relative bargain at $2 each. I'm glad they didn't decide to charge a lot for them just because cupcakes are trendy.

I also bought my second batch of strawberries of the season, from Alewive's Brook Farm. He's the only one I've seen with strawberries at the market so far, and I'm looking forward to a little competition, so maybe the price will come down ($7 a quart!?).

While the market is small and we just shopped for our local eggs, meat, dairy, fruits and veggies on Saturday, this Monday market will give you the little boost you need to make it to the Wednesday market.