October 14, 2009

Kuri Squash Lobster Bisque

Living in Maine is awesome, because it's like, your patriotic duty to eat more lobster. I love supporting this economy!

This soup was born of the desire to try a Kuri squash- a squat pumpkin-shaped red-orange squash. M and I picked one up at the Farmers' Market from Rippling Waters farm. I made it into a bisque by simply peeling and cubing the squash and boiling it in chicken stock. When the squash was tender, I pureed the whole lot in my blender (and almost ended up with yellow baby food on the ceiling!).

I also added in some onions, carrots, and celery and pureed it some more. Then we topped it with some chopped steamed lobster, sour cream and parsley. So great! I'd love to hear anyone's stories of squash cooking experiments, as there are so many interesting types of sqash at the market right now.

Lots 'o Squash

Note: Today is my 100th post! Thanks to everyone who has supported me along the way; it's been a fun ride. Cheers!