October 1, 2009

MOFGA's Common Ground Fair

I have actually been waiting 11 months to attend my first Common Ground Fair. When I first moved to Maine in October, one of my friends said, you'll have to go to the Common Ground Fair, it's the best thing ever! And I said, great! When is it? ...September. Doh!

So I was very happy to attend the kamillionth Common Ground Fair on Sunday. Of course, I headed right for the exhibition hall to check out the canned goods. 

And I saw lots of beautiful specimens of home canned goods, some not so great. I was particularly impressed by the produce. Especially the number of beautiful tomatoes, after our blight-ridden tomato season. 

I picked up some Maine made sea salt in the Maine Marketplace area and some aged goat cheese in the Farmers' Market. I also ate some awesome fried shrimp from Finest Fried Maine Seafood (which is the best name ever). All in all, well worth the wait and braving the crappy weather for. See you next year, Common Ground Fair!