September 21, 2009

Pre-Wedding Brunch

Our friends Ryan and Amanda became husband and wife on Saturday, at a kids camp out in Porter, Maine. Before M. and I packed up the car and drove west for the ceremony, we had to have a great Saturday morning, homemade brunch. And of course the idea evolved into Eggs Benedict - no surprise there.

We used rustic rolls from Whole Foods Bakery, and M bought Canadian Bacon, really wishing for some rashers, like he'd recently had in Ireland.  I whizzed up some Blender Hollandaise sauce, which I've already written about about (because I love Bennys so much!). 

And we made a fruit salad as a side, using preserved gingered pears, that I made in my canning class.  We preserved pear halves in a medium syrup and added knobs of fresh ginger.  After the fruit sits for a few weeks, the spiciness of the ginger is a great accompaniment to the sweetness of the pears. 

Congrats to Ryan and Amanda!