September 24, 2009

Farmer's Cart Apple Pie Breakfast

I've been eyeing the Farmer's Cart at the Monument Square Farmers' Market, run by Daniel Price of Freedom Farm and Simon Frost of Thirty Acre Farms.  So I decided to have breakfast from their cart one morning and naturally went with apple pie!

This is a $4 slice of pie, and it was delicious, of course!  I expected no less.  The fillings wasn't cloyingly sweet, like so many pie fillings can be, and the crust was crunchy, flaky, and coated in a fine crispy layer of additional sugar.  I can't wait to sample some other fare from the Farmer's Cart.

If you are excited by the idea of hot food prepared with local ingredients at the farmers' market, maybe you should check out Simon and Daniel's food cart too.  They need your support, as it's no easy feat to get around all the red tape preventing food vendors from dishing out great prepared food at the market. Read more about the issue in Avery's column, Local Foodie.