August 28, 2009

Summer Food Showdown

First, let me tell you about my favorite dash-together salad...

A version of a Greek salad: cucumbers, Feta cheese, tomatoes, onion, and Kalamata olives. I dream about this salad, it's crunchy, salty, tangy combo calling to me when I need a fresh afternoon snack to carry me over into dinner. And the tomatoes and cucumbers right now make this salad especially good.

Second, let me tell about the great summer dinner I made. It's a knock-off of 555's Knuckle Sandwich (And a very timely recipe, considering everyone's tomato blight).

Now, please know that I didn't sent out to rip off 555, it's more of an homage to great local ingredients and chefs. Plus, I've made it before, using crab. So, nyah. The dish is fried green tomatoes, stacked with goat cheese, fresh corn off the cob, and a lobster salad with a basil mayonnaise.

I love this dish because it begs for creativity and personalization. Like I said, last time I made it, I used blue crab. But now that I'm in Maine, I thought I would take advantage of our local crustacean. I hope you're enjoying the (long-awaited) benefits of fresh, summer eating, as apparently we're headed into fall already!