May 11, 2009

Thai and Cheesesteak Pizza Night

Love that Portland Pie Company's pie dough is available at the grocery store. This time, I tried their beer dough, and didn't really notice a 'beer-y' flavor. Maybe I was just blown away by all the awesome toppings we used!

When I lived in Montana, an upscale pizza place in Whitefish served a Thai pizza with mango, green onions, peanuts, and a peanut sauce. Since I love all things Thai, I decided to have a homemade version of it.

I opted to add edamame and basil, and I loved this pizza. Super awesome.

There was also a cheesesteak pizza...

And I would have put Cheez Wiz on it if I'd had any! The sauce was a mayo and sour cream, yum. Tasted just like a cheesesteak.

It's fun to add creative twists to pizza - what are your favorite non-standard pizza toppings?