February 1, 2009

Happy Hour at Bull Feeney's

Bull Feeney's has a special place in my heart- it's the first bar I visited in Portland, and the bartenders are always so durn friendly. It's my happy hour spot, they have drink and food specials (I just learned that you can get any single-malt scotch 20% off during happy hours now, uh oh!!), and a pint of Guinness for $3.

Plus, the food is good! Standard Irish pub fare: fish 'n' chips, Shepherd's Pie, plus chicken wings, spin art dip, cheese fondue, mussels...

(I did give a little laugh though, as they are PEI mussels, billed as 'local.' 390 miles is a bit of a stretch.) These mussels were good, but where's my bread for dippin'!? We asked for some bread and got Irish soda bread with currants... which was tasty, but not what we wanted for soppin'. Small complaint, for how much I love this place.

Here you can see the wall of whiskey and Scotch. Yum...
Oh, and I love the Bloody Mary's here, as well as the big plate of fries- you can get regular, sweet potato, or a mix of the two with all kinds of dipping sauces. And the food may seem kind of expensive, like $8 for a burger? but by the time you go somewhere else in the Old Port, you'll end up paying just as much, and it won't be as good.

So when I get into the 'Wall of Whiskey' or the Happy Hour Scotch Special, I'll be sure to document the ensuing madness.

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