June 18, 2013

Happy Hour at the North Point

After peeking inside during a failed attempt at Happy Hour at The North Point (our group was too large to find seats in the crowded bar), I knew I wanted to come back. The North Point is located on Silver St. in Portland's Old Port, and its brightly colored, quirky exterior makes it easy to spot. 

Warm with yellow walls, sepia-tone photographs, and lots of throw pillows, it's very comfortable and welcoming inside. The staff is very friendly and the tables are close together, creating a convivial atmosphere. This is not where you go if you're seeking privacy or a close conversation (head to the Armory Lounge down the hill for that). 

A. and I started to order cocktails (around $11 each) - she was going to have a Gin Rickey and I was going for some Champagne St. Germaine ginger cocktail, but then we spotted the happy hour deals. Draught beers are $3 and wines are $4 from 4-6pm. We quickly switched our order to take advantage of this great happy hour deal (seriously, that's half price!). 

We also ordered a meat and cheese plate from the 'Make Your Own' selection, with Manchego, Taleggio, and Prosciutto ($4.50 each, so $13.50 total) accompanied by baguette slices, fig compote, green apples, and strawberries. 

I thought the price was steep for the portion (see the one piece of Taleggio in the back?), as we'd recently been spoiled by the bounty of a charcuterie plate for the same price at Outliers Eatery

When LBK arrived, we ordered the bruschetta of the day, the particulars of which escape me now. It was artichoke, tomato, Parmesan? It was good with a substantial portion for the price ($10?). I also enjoyed a medley of olives ($8). Their menu also has a wide selection of stuffed flatbreads, some salad, soup, and several paté options. 

So maybe the food is a little pricey for what it is and the vibe they're going for. But the drink specials at happy hour may ease the pain, and the place is fun with friendly staff. 

Note: has anyone else noticed that I only write about happy hours anymore? This girl needs to get out and order an entree, dammit!