May 6, 2013

'Flea Bites' Portland Food Truck Event

The first Flea Bites of the year, a food truck and vintage sale at the Flea-for-All thrift shop, took place on Friday night, showcasing some of Portland's newest food trucks. Both El Corazon and Wicked Good food truck debuted on Friday, while Gusto's Italian food truck was serving their famous pizza cones. 

Unfortunately for me, El Corazon sold out while I was waiting in line. But their debut effort was apparently well received. I was looking forward to trying their fish taco, so I'll be sure to follow up and hunt them down soon. 

I hopped over into the Wicked Good line, where I chatted with their friendly lobster mascot. I ordered Chicken and Waffles ($7 for a large order) and fries with a garlic aioli. I got the LAST order of chicken, which I tried to keep on the down low. I feel there were a lot of still-hungry people at that point.  

The fried chicken was excellent - boneless tenders that were very moist with a crunchy coating. The waffles were nice and thick, served with real maple syrup. The fries were good too - the garlic aioli a nice touch. We were impressed with their initial offerings. 

So far the Portland food truck scene is a success! Flea Bites will happen every first Friday of the month, featuring different food trucks each time. 

Rising Tide Brewery, down in East Bayside will also have food trucks in their parking lot every Saturday, while their tasting room is open for beers and growler fills.