March 22, 2013

First Look at Little Tap House

Phew, all these Portland restaurant openings are wearing me out!

I again met Anestes of Portland Food Map at Little Tap House, the much anticipated new restaurant in the old Plush space (at the corner of Spring and High St).

(The photos are a little fuzzy, as it's pretty dark in there.)

Previously, the place had a Hot Topic feel (and served tapas, therefore dubbed 'Hot Tapas') and so the farmhouse bar feel is a welcome change. There are 14 taps, and they were pouring from 9 on their soft opening night. I enjoyed a Bunker New Boch and a Maine Beer Co. Spring Peeper Ale.

And we tried some sample appetizers that the owner and waitstaff were passing around. I enjoyed the truffled white bean dip served on crostini and the duck confit sliders. 

Because this place isn't fully formed yet, it's hard to say what niche it will fill. But I hope with its proximity to the State Theater, that it will be another pre-show drinking and dining spot. Either way, I'm happy to have more options in my neighborhood!