January 8, 2013

Top 10 Hottest NFL Quarterbacks 2012

Another NFL regular season has come to a close, and so I've had plenty of time to ogle the men on the field and rearrange my Top 10 list. I try to rate them on their looks alone, but as a Ravens fan, there are certain men barred from the list (obviously Roethlisberger, but fortunately no conflict there). This year, I was really happy to dig up enough hotties to avoid the Manning brothers and Romo. Here we go! 


1. Aaron Rodgers: Rodgers is cute AND funny - he photobombs his team regularly (even imitating Smoking Jay Cutler), and his leads his team with a strong performance this season. Will Green Bay be the NFC champs? We'll see! (More time for looking at Rodgers? OK.)

2. Mark Sanchez: *whomp whomp* I said I was ranking these men on looks alone, but it was impossible to continue thinking Sanchez was the hottest after that season. It's like when you find out a hot guy is an idiot - automatically less hot! Sorry, Mark. 

3. Robert Griffin III: I now look forward to the NFL draft like any ardent football fan, but for a different reason - new hot men! I loved seeing the rookie RGIII come to the league, with his sexy specs and brilliant smile. However, I was horrified to see his electric season leading the usually downtrodden Redskins come to such a wrenching end. 

4. Cam Newton: I don't ever recall watching Newton play this season, but fortunately, he graced the cover of my GQ magazine this fall. Hello! Someone needs to promote this man to a better team. 

5. Brady Quinn: Between their losing record and the player tragedy, Quinn's team had a hard season. But I was happy to see Quinn get a start this year, if only to have more fodder for this list! 

6. Colin Kaepernick: Kaepernick replaced Smith for the 49ers, and while I was sad to see Smith go, I was happy to google Kaepernick. I love his atypical sports star look, especially his tattoos.   

7. Sam Bradford: Bradford should have been included last year, because he is way cuter than some of the men who made the list (ahem, Romo). I love his Taylor Lautner-esque looks and curly hair. 

8. Tom Brady: The cult of Tom Brady will be happy to see him rise a step this year - and it's all because of the hat! I was so pleased when I saw these cute beanies debut on the sidelines. Look how cute he is with a pom-pom!!  

9. Russell Wilson: Another new guy! And apparently Wilson went to the same high school as my cousin in Richmond, VA. I have like zero feelings about the Seahawks, but apparently Russell's performance on the field is hot too. 

10. Ryan Fitzpatrick: Aw, the Year of the Beard is no more. The Bills returned to sucking this year. Maybe he needs a hug?