June 22, 2012

Trek Across Maine Wrap-up

Woah, woah, where goes the time?? Friday, Friday, here we are. This week was supposed to be quieter after completing the Trek Across Maine, but when it's 90 in June? There's boats to be sailed! Strawberries to be picked! And beaches to lay on.

So yeah, weekends mean nothing when you've been playing hard all week and have to work on Saturday anyways. But I love it!

Last weekend, I rode 180 miles in 3 days for the American Lung Association - and thank you to everyone who donated to my ride! I raised $525 with your help. And when I was grinding up hills, I thought of all the people who donated, my friends and my family, and how they believed in me to get me through that ride. Because there were parts that were tough! (Rule #5 helped too.)

And in the name of making this a food related post, here's me with an animal cracker. I'm at a rest stop on Day 2, somewhere between Farmington and Waterville (60 miles), eating as many snacks as I can. 

I appreciated that the snacks on the Trek were real food - the first charity ride I did had rest stops stocked with Power Bars, gummies, Twizzlers, and fruit. Now aside from the fruit, those aren't things I was particularly excited about. And some of them made me feel kind of ill. Not exactly where you want to be when riding 50 miles in the late August heat. 

But the Trek provided granola bars, popcorn, goldfish crackers, fruit, chips, Fluffernutter sandwiches, and nary a Power Bar in sight. I appreciated that. 

We were also fed each night by the food services of the two colleges where we stayed: University of Maine at Farmington and Colby College. And if you're considering colleges in Maine based solely upon food services, I recommend attending Colby College. Steak tips or salmon? Yes, please. 

Thank you a million times over to those who supported me, monetarily, logistically, and emotionally - and have a great summery weekend!