April 10, 2012

Easter Recipe Round-up

It has been said time and time again, that I am not a baker. I like substitutions. I like creativity, freedom, and distractibility. I might not like commitment. 

I am a big fan of boxed cake mix. 

Regardless, my cakes are always so ugly (see exhibit A) - on the inside anyways. I really excel at applying icing and decorations. 

White cake mix (with pudding in it, natch) + cream cheese frosting + handfuls of shredded coconut tossed liberally at the sides = Easter cake eyesore. Tasty. 

This next dish was also baked, but had a few things helping its success - it was not a baked good per se, and had the help of the original Roomie A. I am definitely not above screwing up something as simple as a potato gratin dish. 

We layered mandolined potatoes with cheese sauce (cheddar and jack) and chives, and covered the whole thing with more shredded cheese and panko crumbs. Anything that comes out with a brown, crunchy, cheesy crust on it is just alright by me (like Jesus).

We used this recipe after being scared off of one that contained Cream of Chicken soup. Ew!

And if you're a certain friend of mine who has asked that I bake the cupcakes for her wedding? Ignore all that stuff at the beginning - I'm an awesome baker.