April 23, 2012

Cuppow Travel Mug Lid

I daytripped it down to Kennebunkport yesterday, and in the Daytrip Society store, found the Cuppow! Had to have it. This plastic lid simply fits under the screwband of a wide-mouth pint jar and turns your canning jar into a travel mug. 

This simple little piece (bpa-free plastic to boot), is going to improve my iced coffee routine greatly.  Between dripping coffee on myself while driving and fumbling with leaky, coffee covered two part lids, I'm excited to put this new lid to use. 

I always have some leftover brew that I save in mason jars in my fridge - and this reusable lid will encourage me further to make iced coffee at home, reducing waste and saving my dollars. 

I can also see it being useful for holding the fruit infused vodka I made last summer - where I added frozen berries to a quart jar and covered them in vodka. 

When it came time for cocktails, I added Fruit A Peel, a lightly-sweetened sparkling lemonade from Polar Beverage. Although I don't think I need any encouragement to be drinking vodka out of a sippy cup! 

Have you seen the Cuppow anywhere? You can order it online, but I was stoked to see it sold locally in that cute shop. Would you buy one? They're $7.99 (plus shipping) through the website, but $10 in the store.