March 5, 2012

Wedge Salads: Binga's Portland and Krista's in Cornish, Maine

The Wedge Salad returns! My associations are with my Virginian grandma; it seemed quaint to me, having grown up on Romaine lettuce, that Grandma sliced a head of Iceberg into quarters and covered it with bottled blue cheese dressing. Like just another anachronistic dish from the time when most women embraced packaged, processed, convenience foods. 

It is not to be overlooked, however, that the Wedge salad is delicious. A traditional steakhouse side, this salad is seeing a resurgence, as comfort food is dragged from the past and given a modern, local, artisanal, or high-brow spin. 

It's really the only thing that distracts my attention from the Spicy Redneck wings at Binga's. I order the salad when I'm especially hungry, and it allows me to pretend I'm eating something healthy to counteract all the fried chicken. 

After a snow-covered hike last weekend, I was treated to lunch at Krista's Restaurant in Cornish. Having heard much about the giant portions and quality comfort food, but never finding myself in Cornish (ever), I was excited to try lunch at Krista's.

And even more excited when I saw the Wedgie! As you can see, this salad is huge, plenty for me and A. to share. The house-made blue cheese dressing with plenty of additional cheese added was delicious. We also shared a giant turkey club and several local beers (Maine Beer Co.'s Zoe and Portland Lager). 

I absolutely loved Krista's and hope I get a chance to go back soon. If you find yourself out in the country and very hungry, stop by Krista's for the Wedgie, so you can feel virtuous about eating your vegetables, but not deprived of your bacon.