December 22, 2011

Bayou Kitchen Breakfast

I just moved away from the Oakdale neighborhood (aw, miss you already roomies!) and, while compared to one of the Ends or downtown, there's not much out by USM and Woodfords Corner, there are a few places worth venturing out Forest Ave. for.

My roommates introduced me to Bayou Kitchen, and it's been my go-to brunch spot for a while now. Well, specifically when I'm craving huevos rancheros. Bayou Kitchen serves the best one I've found in the city. 

Photo by Corey Templeton of Portland Daily Photo

But Bayou Kitchen is easy to miss.  It's across Deering Ave. from Artist & Craftsman Supply in a small, unassuming storefront.  Once you step inside, you're greeted warmly and seated at one of the 25 seats in the place. 

The menu has a Cajun bent, with grits Andouille sausage, Jambalaya, and Gumbo.  Like I said though, I've only ever had the huevos rancheros.  Lots of black bean or beef chili and cheese, wrapped in a tortilla, topped with two eggs, sour cream, and salsa.  Pretty much all my favorite things together. And then your choice of home fries or grits (skip the grits). 

This is quickly turning into one of those one-plate places for me. You know the sort, where the one item you've had is so good you're afraid to order something else for fear of disappointment and regret. And I usually have enough of those served up with my morning-after brunch as is.

But maybe I can return for lunch and not be tempted by the huevos rancheros; after all, they serve gumbo and Jambalaya, which might sway me.

So check out Bayou Kitchen for a brunch that's a bit different than the tried and true served up at Becky's, Miss Portland Diner, Marcy's, etc. Between the charming service and the southern food, I bet you'll find something that makes you want to return.

Pro tip: due to the size of the restaurant, I recommend getting out there early, as I've seen crowds piling up outside after 10am or so.