September 12, 2011

O-Rama: Breakfast on the Go

Breakfast on the go is kind of my specialty this summer.  Without boring you with too much detail, there were a lot of changes in my life that led to me losing my appetite and generally being uninterested in food (great for a food blogger, I know!).

So I was happy when I was able to eat anything, regardless of how healthy or socially acceptable it was.  My biggest hit was corn tortillas and Quesa Chihuahua quesadillas, introduced to me by my roommate.

The biggest problem with breakfast on the go though, is usually you have to buy it.  And at $4-$5 a day, adds up over the week.  But a treat for me is the everything (or "super" as they call it) bagel, toasted with lite or veggie cream cheese from Mr. Bagel.

I hit up the one on Forest Ave. which requires careful navigation through the tight, crowded parking lot.  But once inside, you're met with a bevy of beautiful bagels, coupled with friendly and efficient service.  The only stumble I had on my first time in is navigating the iced coffee station.

I ordered an iced coffee and was cheerfully handed a cup.  With no explanation.   And iced coffee setups vary widely around town.  Some make your iced coffee for you, while others hand you a cup of ice and let you pick from different flavors of chilled coffees.

But Mr. Bagel hands you a cup and leaves you to fend for yourself.  There's an ice machine that looks like a home appliance (a bread machine, maybe?) and pitchers of coffee, different flavors and roasts.  Uhhh...  I actually had to ask for help the first time (excuse me, where's the ice?), but now I'm an old pro.

There's a lot of talk about bagels in Portland.  Alls I know is I like the ones that come out of Mr. Bagel: chewy, salty, and very dense without being too bready.  For an on the go breakfast, this is a good stop, but I don't recommend eating a bagel while driving to work- it makes a royal mess!

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