Thursday, June 23, 2011

Can It Foward Day: August 13, 2011

Get ready, kids.  Canning season is upon us.  Strawberries are coming out at the markets, Pick Your Own fields are opening, the Cape Elizabeth Strawberry Festival is this weekend.

Don't know where to begin?  Take a canning class with me (only $10 and locations around Southern and mid-coast Maine).  Then, practice with your friends, especially on August 13th, so you can be a part of Can It Forward Day.

If you're someone who likes to learn from the Internets, check out my How to Can Dilly Beans post or tutorials on the National Center For Home Food Preservation's site.

Happy canning, and please share what you plan on putting up this summer!

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  1. Quick pack dills,bread & butter zucchini (i use the deeply ribbed type,goes by the name largo or gadzooks (!-prod000531.html?catId=3024&trail=)
    dilly beans,pickled beets,refrigerator pepperoncini (too mushy if processed)maybe fridge rat-tail radish (
    One of my favorite garden munchies.

    I did the brined dills last year & they turned out well except they were way to salty.I ended up de-salting them & using a quick pack recipe.I don't can tomatoes,just blanch,peel & freeze.Peppers & beans i just freeze. I stick to the tried & true,Blue Ball & N.C.F.H.F.P