November 6, 2010

BBF: Gift Edition

Between my birthday and my boyfriend's mom's trip to Italy (jealous!), I was fortunate enough to receive a lot of gifts lately. Maybe this will help you brainstorm some gifts for those you love at Christmas- since according to the Mall and Target, Christmas is right around the corner.

M.'s mom brought us some Italian first pressing olive oil and some pesto. Concidentally, my friends A&R brought us pesto from their honeymoon trip to Italy this spring. And it is goooood. M. and I made some fresh pasta and filled it with squash and goat cheese to make raviolis. Tossing the pasta in pesto made for a nice sauce.

And for my birthday, my friends all chipped in to get me a bunch of dishes and accessories for my blog! Super thoughtful- I have the greatest friends. They found two sizes of tiny cast iron skillets and these beautiful dish towels. I can see making baked eggs or individual tarts or quiches in these little pans.

And the piece de resistance- these cafeteria style, delicate, green glass plates! They found a set of 4 at a thrift shop, and I think they're the coolest things since L.A. Gear scrunchie socks (kidding). Someone commented that they're perfect for old people and picky eaters who don't like to have their foods mixed. Riiiight...

So maybe these gifts are kind of particular to a food lover or blogger, but I bet if you start thinking now about your gift recipients, you can come up with a gift as thoughtful as these!