October 9, 2010

Otto/Enzo Pizzeria Review

I was so happy when Otto Pizza came to town. Before their arrival, I didn't have a good go-to slice bar in town, having been disappointed with Bill's Pizza and not loving the New York Slice Bar. But Otto changed my pizza life- I love their pizza and want to eat it all the time. OK, I'm exaggerating, but it is the perfect place to stop whenever you're out with friends on the First Friday Art Walk, out drinking, or just want to have a good, no frills dinner.

And then, to make things even better, they opened Enzo, their eat-in pizzeria. Enzo is just as big as Otto (which is to say, not very), only full of seating and a long bar, and serves their slices, whole pies, and beer, wine, soda, and water. Simple, but done well. I respect a place that has no problem doing one thing and that one thing well.

Last Saturday, when M. and I dined in, we had to snatch up the only empty seats in the place- I'm not the only local or tourist who loves it here. I ordered a cauliflower and mushroom slice (white) and a Genoa salami and tomato slice (red). M. had one cheese and one pepperoni. He's a straight-forward guy.

The pizzas were delicious, as usual- chewy crust, great combinations of toppings, sauce that M. thinks is a little sweet and I love, and flavorful cheese. We each had a glass of their house red (only $5!).

The only odd thing going on in the window seats of Enzo is the super tall barstools combined with a low bar. M. said you only notice something's functional design when it's bad, and that's what's going on here. My food was down by my knees, so it was awkward to eat and not good for posture.

But I love that Otto expanded to allow for us to linger in their beautifully decorated space. The eatery is dark and cozy, humming with fellow pizza lovers. They have vintage themed black and white framed photos displayed next to a wall where painted tiles spell out the pizza menu. And while I love standing out on the street, discarding paper plates, and folding up a slice with friends, it's also nice to be able to stay awhile.