Thursday, October 21, 2010

Come Closer...

Otto Pizza is moving closer to me!

Otto’s Moving to Hill – to Occupy Former North Star Cafe Site from Munjoy Hill News

Since I'm apparently obsessed with all things Otto/Enzo, I am very excited to hear that the owners are going to be opening another restaurant called '225' in the site of the former North Star Music Cafe.

And the puppy? Cuz pizza and puppies make me happy. Happy Thursday!


  1. OMG...You should have seen A and I freaking out on the street when we saw that on the front page of the paper. I may gain a couple hundred pounds, but it would totally be worth it. Exciting!

  2. I think I squealed when I found out. Awesome, but also kind of terrible because I'm never going to want to eat anything else when its so close!


  3. C$ is not exaggerating;I literally hopped up and down! Let's wallow in pizza!!!!

  4. That puppy is verrrry cute. and Hooray for neighborhood improvement!