Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Radishes with Butter

OK, as promised, I tried serving radishes with butter and salt. And they were great! Although, I had a hard time telling if that was because of the radishes, or great because of the butter, salt, and oil on foccacia. I mean, that's kind of hard to improve upon. But the butter and salt cut the earthy mushroom-iness of the radishes, which I think is a good thing. Maybe that's why you like them, but I just enjoy their crunch and their spiciness- not so much the funkiness.

And for this simple prep, I was inspired by Cannelle et Vanille to add oregano. So many thanks- it was a welcome addition.


  1. Yummm... gonna have to give that a try I always just shred em up to add a zing to a salad!

  2. Hm, butter, salt and oil on foccacia.

    You could put an inch-and-a-quarter nail atop that and I'd still eat it!

  3. Hmm...radishes. Not sure I've ever really had them. But anything atop foccacia with butter MUST be good!

  4. i was at the farmers mkt on wednesday and picked up a bunch of radishes and some organic pork and ended up making honey apple soy glazed pork chops with roasted radishes and apples in a delicate maple infused cream sauce.

    if you haven\'t roasted radishes with other veggies, i suggest you do! they become all sweet and savory and if you roast \'em with apples, the sugar from les pommes makes the radishes all carmelized and divine. 425 degrees for half an hour, drizzled with evoo and a splash of organic apple juice will do the trick!-

  5. Oh what a tasty treat!! I am so glad you are getting that natural light from the window in your kitchen! Great pictures KT!