Sunday, April 18, 2010

Front Room: Strike Two

Due to the proximity of my apartment to the Front Room (wave when you're eating there!), I really want to like the restaurant. It's casual, it has a hoppin' bar, and it's rumored to have good food. However, between the two meals I've had there and the surly bartender, I'm not so sure it's making the list.

Now I know you're thinking, why did she take a picture of her half-eaten food- that's gross. But trust me, it didn't look much better when it arrived at my table this morning. I went for brunch (reportedly one of the best brunches in town) and aside from the prices and the big mimosas- after I ordered the regular one and not the 'special' one spiked with DeKuypers peach schnapps, yuck- I don't agree with the best brunch superlative.

Again, the prices are great, what brunch prices should be, but my biscuits and gravy with poached eggs ($7!) didn't match the diner prices. First, the main offense: the biscuit and gravy ratio was way off. I had biscuits that were 2" high (yay!) but only a thin layer of orange (?) gravy on top (boo!). The biscuits were great (I can make good ones too though), but the second offense was the gravy that had very little flavor and dry sausage.

Verdict? Underwhelming brunch. I'm still on the hunt for my favorite reliable brunch spot.

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  1. If you go back (and why would you, considering the high strike count?) maybe try the potato gnocchi. It's got spinach, bacon and poached egg, and, though I haven't had it in quite awhile, I remember it being pretty good.

  2. I'm not into bloody marys, but I hear they have one of the best in town.

    Baked eggs, good; bacon, awesome... And the last time I was there, the man next to me had steak and eggs which looked incredible. Their burger sucks, but their house salad is great. Plus, those happy hour deals! I think the key is ordering the right thing off the menu. I used to live on Howard St, so I get it... Proximity.

  3. My list of reliable brunch spots:

    1. Bintliff's [Eggs Florentine Benedict]
    2. Local 188 [Salmon Lavash]
    3. Vignola [Any of the apps, I haven't found an extraordinary entree yet]
    4. If you can deal with a more breakfasty type brunch -- Marcy's [Grilled raspberry muffin w/ butter and any of their specials]

    I can't think of any East End eateries that can compete on the brunch front. Come to think of it, Front Room might be the only option. /sad face.

  4. i had a surly bartender during happy hour one time there...maybe it was the same one. not one smile in the whole 2 hours we were at the bar...not one!!

  5. booo front room! damn surly bartender... at least our drinks were good when we went there!

  6. I've had great dinner there, but agree with you on biscuits and gravy! THROW SOME GRAVY ON DEM BISCUITS! Eggs with bacon drippings were quite tasty.

  7. I haven't been wowed like others either. However I do like that they serve brown bread AND once had a great veggie eggs benedict that was super tasty -- though not coming even with a few pieces of fruit, I felt a little shafted.

  8. Off topic, mostly- I live close also! I should wave whenever I go up my stairs. So. We can eventually be waving at the same time.

    I have had sullen, unfortunate service a few times at the Room, and after living so close for more than two years with nary a smile on my way to work, I find that to be an unforgivable offense. They are piss-poor neighbors.