November 29, 2009

Miss Shirley's Brunch

OK, this recent experience has infected me with a serious case of camera envy. Home for the holiday, I borrowed my mom's new toy (Nikon D3000) to document my brunch with friend Elizabeth, author of Strawberries in Paris. We ate at Miss Shirley's Cafe downtown, whose menu features lots of Maryland-themed ingredients, such as blue crab meat and fried green tomatoes. 

And I had Miss Shirley's Bloody Mary, with pickled okra, jalepenos, and green tomatoes (Old Bay on the rim, of course). I ate the jalepeno and it kinda numbed my tongue to the rest of the meal, but I was told my food was tasty.

We shared the Fried Green Tomatoes with garlic aioli, which was delicious. More delicious, however, was this photo I took. Love you, camera.

Here's Elizabeth's pumpkin cheesecake-stuffed French Toast, with fresh whipped cream. Again, too subtle for my pepper-burnt tongue, but it looks beautiful through that fancy lens!

And my Sweet Corn Cakes Eggs Benedict, poached eggs on little cakes filled with sweet corn, topped with Hollandaise sauce. The corn was so sweet (I could taste that!), and the plate was beautiful, although all those colorful sauces went unidentified.

It was so nice to catch up with an old but dear friend and try one of Baltimore's beloved restaurants. Now I just gotta get me one of those cameras!