Friday, November 6, 2009

Baltimore Saurkraut Tradition

Whilst reading the Washington Post online, I learned that saurkraut is a Baltimore Thanksgiving tradition. Hm, I thought, I'm from Baltimore, and I've never had/seen/heard/smelled any saurkraut at the annual spread. I'm usually only concerned with canned green bean cassarole and lots of gravy. But who am I to quibble with an alleged Charm City tradition. I just had some for dinner instead.

I made Gertrude's Restaurant's recipe for Sauerkraut and Apples and included some hot Italian sausage and kale. The recipe says the bacon is optional, but we all know omitting it isn't really an option, don't we. I subbed in that sausage and braised the whole mess in some PBR. Mmmhmm, yes ma'am. The only drawback of this meal was that I finished my jar of saurkraut that we made in my preserving class. But I think I am going to try making some kimchi next, since I can't get that fermented cabbage out of my head.


  1. We never had sauerkraut becaause I'm from Virginia but they have it at school every year and it's great. Maybe we should try it this year.

  2. That sounds yummy. One of my favorite homemade things in this whole wide world is Czech sauerkraut soup! Hey, we were in MECA when the rally went by on Friday -- we came out to cheer. So bummed about the vote.

  3. I've made my own sauerkraut the past several years. Last year, my sister and I made it together and decided to have sauerkraut w/ pork roast for T-giving. It was an interesting variance from tradition, although my wife wasn't too pleased (she said "T-giving is about turkey"). This year, we're back w/ tradition, although I may cook a kettle of 'kraut for myself and anyone else that wants it.

  4. Growing up in Central Maryland, we always had saurkraut with Turkey at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

    A few years back when I was having Thanksgiving dinner at my in-laws for the first time, I asked, "where's the saurkraut?" thinking I had just not seen it sitting somewhere. They (natives of Peru and Queens who lived near DC for many years) looked at me like I was from outer space. I looked at them like THEY were from outerspace. I rushed out to a grocery and bought some, racing back to the house to cook it. I can't imagine NOT having saurkraut with turkey!